Whisky.. the liquid sunshine

Coming into the colder months we all learn to appreciate the delights of an open fire, a well formed overcoat and when the time comes, a splash of liquid sunshine. Recently, HOUND was involved in a splendid whisky tasting, collaborating with the Sydney based tailor Richard Bowman and Mitchell Ogilvie. The night saw a select few participate in a tasting composed by Matt at Dram Nation which took us on a splendid journey through the complex world of the finer things. HOUND thought it appropriate to take the time to outline some of our favourite and somewhat unique choices when it comes to whisky and the etiquette which travels along with it.


Sullivans Cove - French Cask

It is challenging to go past an Australian product. Like HOUND, Sullivans Cove is home grown in Australia - their selection of whisky is magical. Winning the world’s best whisky in 2019, Sullivans have fortified their position in the market— find the French Oak Single Cask, if you can.

whisky tasting

Starward ‘Solera’

A modern Australian whisky - affordable, approachable and distinctively Australian. The Starward whisky family reflects the culture and times of Melbourne life with their collection of new world whiskies. HOUND favorite Starward ‘Solera’ is their version of a sherry cask. A magical drop.

Whisky bow tie gentleman
Whisky black tie

Auchentoshan - Blood Oak

We love the name, nearly as much as the deep red hue of this dram. Aged in bourbon and red wine casks, this whisky packs a punch of red fruit and ginger. All the whisky from this distillery is made in Glasgow and is triple distilled, so you know that time and effort has gone into its creation.


The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the experience. There are so many whiskies to explore, we find the easiest way is to pop into a local whisky bar. Our favourites are Baxter’s Inn in Sydney or if you happen to be in New York, check out Gran Tivoli and the bar beneath, Peppi’s Cellar, you will not be disappointed at their depth and breadth of knowledge.

Remember, as always, you should be well dressed when having the perfect gentleman’s drink of whisky.

Feel free to check out the H O U N D store to see if you can find your perfect accompaniment to your next drink.


Balvenie Doublewood

We could not go past the Balvenie Doublewood, aged for 12 years. Matured in two separate wooden casks (sherry and bourbon) Balvenie work to make this whisky their day to day standard. A rich and complex drink, this one is not to be missed.


Glengoyne 25 year old

Now I have to admit, HOUND is somewhat biased when it comes to this drop. Purchased for a recent wedding, the 25 year old is produced in the Highlands using unpeated malt, which is then popped into some sherry casks… for 25 years!! A lovely drop to get lost in. Indulge yourself during your next special occasion.

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William Sheehy