Everything you need to know about buying a superyacht

When it is beautiful and sunny everyone frantically tries to find that friend who owns a boat or at least has access to one, so that they can escape to the harbour for an afternoon dreaming of being somewhere else.

For those of us who after an afternoon on the water are now 'boat people', we have compiled a list of information about buying your very own superyacht.. read on!!


HOUND has tapped into the expertise of our friends GQ who recently spoke with Sara Gioanola, the manager at a leading super yacht manufacturer. 

Apparently, bigger is always better!

Eight out of the ten most expensive luxury acquisitions of all time fall in the superyacht category, led by the $600 million 180-meter Azzam, owned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Thing is, while she features 94,000hp and her own missile defence system (no, really), Azzam's sheer scale means she can only be moored in a handful of destinations. Gioanola says "There are very few ports where you can dock really large boats - Monaco, Monte Negro and Antibes have the capacity, but you won't be able to fit into several other popular destinations.


The latest trends, but don't overstep the mark

Assuming you have access to the requisite funds (even the smallest yachts built to spec start at around £48m), customisation options are only constrained by the laws of physics. But spec with caution. Much like business helicopters, piping on your seating is seen as hopelessly dated, but teak floors remain the stylish choice even though they've been the go-to for decades. Then there are the finishes. Gioanola says "Palladium, which is the most expensive metal on the market, is popular right now."

But the very latest must-have is your own on-board waterfalls

Elsewhere, flooding garages are also big. They allowing you park a smaller boat inside your superyacht so you won't have to scratch around for a lift to shore on someone else's tender once you've moored. "We mainly fit them to larger boats, but they're very popular and recently we were asked to install them in a 55-metre [model], which was a challenge."

How very 007

How very 007

Assemble the team

You'll need a qualified captain, who steers, navigates and manages the budget at sea, a mate, who is essentially responsible for the entire exterior of the yacht, an engineer, private chef , stewards and stewardesses to serve food and service the ship's interior, and an army of deckhands to clean the exterior of the boat. Gioanola says, "You tend to need a one-to-one ratio of guests to stewards/stewardesses, and their wages are dependent on experience."

And remember, one does not sail their own boat.

If you believe that owning your own yacht is still something you are interested in, visit Heesen Yachts to get the ball rolling


William Sheehy