The essential rules for wearing a bow tie...

There are four essential rules for wearing bow ties... follow them and you will have the crowds looking to you for fashion advice. 

1: Man Up- It's called a tie, not a clip - learning to tie your own tie is a critical skill that a gentleman should have, follow our easy step by step instructions to get your technique sorted for your next event. 

2: There's more than just one bow tie shape - there are a number of styles to adopt with bow ties, H O U N D uses the standard 2.5inch butterfly shape, the most versatile. Feel free to check out this link for a description of other tie styles. 

3: Pay attention to the fabric and fit of your bow tie - certain fabrics are better for certain events. Keep the shiny silk finishes such as the  H O U N D Doberman for your next black tie ball, whereas the playful Beagle could match any casual event. Before you walk out the door, double check that the size is the right fit for your face, the ends of the bow should line up with the outermost crests of your temples, and fit firmly without suffocating you.

4: Pair patterns and colours with confidence - as we mentioned previously, don't match your bow tie and pocket square, subtle difference is the key. 

Check this out, for further advice. 

Dolce Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Lookbook

Dolce Gabbana Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Lookbook

William Sheehy